Information for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

How We Can Help You
Professional Healthcare Resources International manages the recruitment and integration process of skilled nurses and physical therapists based on years of experience and our solid network of recruitment professionals. We strive to make the foreign recruitment process as smooth as possible for your hospital or healthcare organization. We provide support in:
  • Completing and filing necessary immigration forms
  • Helping nurses and physical therapists relocate from other countries and, in some cases, providing housing and airfare
  • Welcoming nurses and physical therapists to the United States by providing them with orientation information and assisting them with getting social security cards and bank accounts
The Benefits of Working with Us
  • Reduced recruitment costs—we offer reasonable rates for our services
  • Reliability—you can trust us to deliver
  • Experience—we have experienced recruitment professionals available to assist with this process
  • Turnkey operation—we handle the entire recruitment process from initial contact to nurse or physical therapist delivery
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