About Us

Founded in 1994 by Eileen DeCesare, RN, MS, CNAA, LNC, Professional Healthcare Resources is a family owned and operated home healthcare and hospice company, dedicated to helping our clients and patients improve the quality of their lives. With a team of 800+ employees, we are devoted to offering responsive care with respect, compassion, and dignity.

Professional Healthcare delivers a wide range of home healthcare solutions, such as skilled nursing, therapy, personal care services, and hospice. We can help you or a loved one recover from a recent hospitalization or illness, as well as help with the activities of daily living. We carry our guiding principles and client-first philosophy throughout everything we do.

Our Mission: To provide high quality home healthcare and hospice services to more people.
Our Vision: Professional Healthcare will be known as the preferred provider of home health and hospice services to our clients, patients, our community health care partners, health management organizations, and our community healthcare employees.
Our Philosophy: Patients are our top priority, and at Professional Healthcare, we constantly seek to provide opportunities and environments that empower our staff to swiftly and skillfully care for our patients. In fact, our organizational structure may be said to resemble an inverted pyramid: the corporate and administrative staff exists to support our medical field professionals in giving our patients quality care.
Our Values:
  • Caring camaraderie that influences all professional relationships
  • Superior quality in staffing homecare services
  • Outstanding service to all our clients’ needs and desires
  • Direct and timely responses to client referrals and requests
  • Consistent advancement of and improvement upon industry standards
  • Open, clear communication between all clients, partners and staff
  • Honesty, integrity and reliability in all we say and do
  • Innovative leadership combined with courage, persistence and vision
  • Active participation of all staff in developing and implementing ideas and processes
  • Commitment to listen and understand so as to act appropriately in all situations