"My name is Ann Camet. I was part of the first group of nurses that PHR recruited in the Philippines for Virginia Hospital Center. Professional Healthcare informed us of every step as our paper work progressed. They gave us full support from our first step out of the airport. Ma'am Eileen , herself welcomed us and gave us all a ride to our new house. Fortunately, the house was right across from the hospital. It was a pleasant surprise to find the hospital employees there to welcome us! And after the long flight, nothing could beat our first meal "Sinigang" which they cooked for us. It's been 5 years now, I have a beautiful family - my husband, Israel and my son, Liam and now were blessed to have another baby on the way. I have applied for my citizenship. It's a blessing from our God with the help of Ninang Eileen."
Ann Camet

"I remember feeling scared anticipating moving my whole family to America but it was a dream. And so with fear and hope, I applied at Professional Healthcare Resources. Ma'am Eileen welcomed me with warmth and encouragement so that my fear took it's place in the back seat. Professional Healthcare Resources helped me through the process, keeping me informed of updates and my application status. The company continually guided us as we settled ourselves in America. Ma'am Eileen was at the airport again to welcome us. They made sure we had a place to stay and helped us obtain our social security cards. They were at our sides until we could stand on our feet. Looking back, the whole experience was a wonderful and smooth transition with Professional Healthcare Resources. I have always heard about the American dream and I am now living it."
Elaine Corsino

"Professional Healthcare Resources International gave me the opportunity to turn my dreams to reality. The company helped me to come to the United States after I had unsuccessfully applied to several recruitment agencies. Now in less than 3 years, I was able to accomplish a lot of things, financially, and professionally. I have helped to improve my family’s life and my career. Thank you very much Professional Healthcare."
Ruel Garcia, RN

"I will forever be grateful to Professional Healthcare Resources, particularly, Ms. Eileen DeCesare, for helping me find a good hospital here in the U.S. I commend her prompt and hands-on handling of our immigration to the U.S. and her assistance to me and my family upon our arrival here. This has made our transition here so much straightforward and actually pleasant. More power to Professional Healthcare Resources!"
Chato Fajardo, RN